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NEW BOOK How To Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour

Launched at the Mall Galleries in London during the SWA,Society of Women Artists 2010. " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

Book Description

"A stunningly beautiful book that teaches you how to produce loose and expressive paintings, filled with colour and light.

Encapsulating Jean Haines' enthusiasm and passion for art, this stunning book, packed full of ideas, tips and expert advice, opens up a whole new world filled with colour and light that will not fail to inspire and excite you. Drawing on many years' experience as an accomplished and well-known watercolour artist, Jean guides you through every stage of the painting process, filling you with enthusiasm for painting beautiful watercolour paintings of your own in her characteristic loose and expressive style. The book includes sections on materials and techniques, composition, colour and light, and there are three step-by-step projects to help you put everything you have learnt into practice. The huge range of subjects covered, including portraits, still-lifes, animals, flowers and landscapes, has a truly international flavour, reflecting the experiences Jean has gained from living all over the world.

Filled with enthusiasm for her subject, Jean Haines book will not fail to inspire you to produce beautiful paintings in the author's loose and expressive style Thorough coverage of materials, techniques and composition, and how to inject colour and light into your paintings Three step-by-step projects to help you put into practice what you have learnt and to gain the confidence to take your painting further"

About The Author
Well known for her enthusiasm and passion for art, Jean Haines covers a wide range of subjects in a loose and interpretive style. In the 1990s she studied Chinese Brushwork in Hong Kong, which she now incorporates in her expressive watercolours. Light, colour and sections left to the viewers' imagination play a vital role in her paintings. In 1997 Jean moved to Dubai where she held workshops and courses and participated in many prestigious events at major galleries. Her work soon became collectible and she has since sold many pieces which are now in homes all over the world. Following a short period in both France and Belgium, Jean returned to the UK in 2006, and now regularly exhibits and hosts international watercolour workshops for artists from all over the world. She has won many awards for her outstanding work, most recently the Society for All Artists' Professional Artist of the Year,
Experimental and Abstract Award.

Book Reviews

The Artist Magazine
Aug 10 Issue

This book is, quite simply, mouth watering. Jean Haines is a unique and imaginative artist. She has an incredible talent for creating watercolours that appear spontaneous and are flooded with light and saturated with translucent colour. Although she uses her experiences and understanding of the medium to inform her work, in the book she explains how to achieve different looks in a straightforward and enthusiastic way, so it seems as if with concentration and effort, anyone can do it. She begins with helpful suggestions about materials to use, a list of the 11 pigments she has used throughout the book and suggests that instead of trying to control your watercolour, you 'enjoy its many facets,' allowing it to run and blend without fearing the results, to give your paints the freedom to move on your paper without worrying that they might misbehave. With lots of stunning images and several demonstrations, the vibrant, light-filled paintings and instructions guide readers through those most difficult of problems – of knowing when to stop, when to relax and when to take control.

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