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Exciting New Book 2012

Following the success of " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" a seond book is under way to be launched in 2012.This will be a very exciting compilation covering new dramatic approaches to working in watercolour minus the use of a preliminary sketch. Forgetting all previous ideas on how to work in watercolour Jean utilises techniques from having studied art all over the world which incorporate  Asian brushwork with vibrant colour combinations dramatically fused with tempting new texture effects. This  long waited for book will be available in 2012 from Search Press and promises to have watercolourists worldwide enthusiastically racing for their brushes.

The first photography shoot took place on 2nd March 2011. Wonderful colours flowed throughout the day on a variety of subjects.The next session will take place leading to the culmination of ideas and  fabulous results.

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