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Jeans best selling books inspire and guide artists of all levels across the world.
Her second book, Atmospheric Watercolours is now available, exclusively available from personally signed for you by Jean.

A fabulous DVD that has become popular with artists from all over the world.
With an easy to follow introduction to working in a loose style this is a wonderful way to feel as though you are on a workshop with Jean.
Kolinsky Sable Brushes

As used by Jean, a set of beautiful Kolinsky Sable watercolour Brushes.

The size 10 is perfect for working from a starting point,loading well with pigment and directional brushwork.
Gift Cards

Vibrant collections of watercolours by Jean are now available in packs of four. Many favourite subjects are held within each collection. Suitable as gifts, greeting cards or to be framed as small prints.

A new collection of cards will be available shortly!