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Life is incredibly busy but I’m delighted to share the news that there is a new FREE online tutorial in my online art school. So everyone can learn to paint a happy panda. This subject is so relaxing and easy to paint following my fun filled demonstration that is jam packed with watercolour tips and information. How do you see it? Simple! Sign up as a free member in my online art school and you will have access to all my free tutorials. Not just the panda! 

Of course if...

Showing Off : Peacock Tutorial

I have always adored painting peacocks and they have long been a best selling subject of mine. In my latest online tutorial for my online art school I demonstrate how to paint these stunning birds in a unique way. I work minus a preliminary sketch taking members from a detailed head study to a technical creative wash on which tyd bird magically comes to life. 

In the Members Forum stunningly beautiful interpretations are already appearing. 

It is a great  time to be a member and so many more fascinating tutorials...

Welcome 2023

I’m thrilled to welcome another new year and I’m determined to make it special. I’ve started 2023 by creating watercolours in my studio of floral gifts that have been given to me. Flowers have always brought  me so much joy in my life and each time I paint them I feel relaxed and at peace which is the perfect way to start a new period in life. 

I am making personal goal decisions that I wish to achieve. To do so I’ve looked back and thought about how I can...

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