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Wey Gallery Spring Collection 2021

A fabulous new collection of Spring floral watercolours by Jean are now available from the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey, UK 

These beautiful pieces carry a sense of energy and positivity. Perfect as gifts or to enhance your home. 

Full details can be found via :-



Mardi Gras 2021
A fantastic Mardi Gras parade took place in my online art school. Members were invited to paint masks following my latest inspirational tutorial. Each month two new projects are released but my films are just the starting point. From all the included and valuable techniques in each demonstration, original and unique artwork can be created simply by following the given guidelines. 
I have always loved sharing my passion for watercolour. I strongly believe it has enriched my life leading to an unexpected successful career that has seen me travel internationally to...
New Book, New Look!

I’m currently working on a new book which will be launched late 2021. It’s a book I have always wanted to write and the creative journey it has taken is connected with my many trips holding International workshops, meeting fascinating people and listening to incredible stories. And it covers favourite subjects. 
I can’t say more but it’s a “must have” kind of watercolour book. 

Watch this space! 

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