Home Made Granulation Fluid Formula

Life has been so busy this year regardless of living through a lockdown. In fact, I seem to have achieved more than ever including finally sharing my home made granulation fluid formula in my online art school, included in my latest online tutorial. 

It has been nerve wracking releasing this formula that I kept secret for so long. I needed to know if it worked consistently first and I’m happy to say it does. Members of my online art school have been sharing their stunning creations using my formula so my fears are now diminished. That is, until I share my next new formulas which are also exciting. 

I love experimenting, making my own forms of textural pastes that give crackle and other unusual patterns. I adore making my own inks which are also included in my birds nest painting. Mushroom Ink is incredible to work with. Amazingly I started painting with mushroom ink years ago and now the inkcap mushrooms I like using grow in our woodland garden so I don’t have far to go to collect them, Acorns are great for making ink from also. 

I love home made formulas so much that I have devoted a whole chapter to making my granulation fluid and inks in my new book that will be available in January 2022. And it was really fantastic seeing how excited my editor was watching my formula create patterns so uniquely. They’d never seen anything like it before which isn’t surprising as it is totally new. 

But if you can’t wait until my book is launched become a member of my online art school and watch me make my formula on film! 

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And the really good news is I share all my secrets, new formulas and techniques there! 

I hope you are staying healthy and I hope you always enjoy colour with a strong enthusiasm for painting. If not, come and join me in school. A unique online centre where many like minded artists make friends, evolve with their art and find constant motivation. Happy painting! 


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