Online Art School Anniversary

Over a wonderful period I was travelling internationally accepting invitations to hold watercolour workshops meeting and teaching watercolour courses. As my teaching methods and popularity grew my workshops constantly sold out and no matter how many new ones were added we never could accommodate the long waiting lists for places. This concerned me greatly. I was worried about disappointing the artists who couldn’t get a place. On top of this concern it was becoming physically impossible for me to be continually away from home for such long periods of time or accept all the amazing invitations coming my way. 
And so the idea of an online art school was born. It took a long time to plan and set up the school but a date was set to open in April 2020. Little did I know what was going to happen at the time but this was the year that the Covid pandemic hit the world.

The school opened and members joined. Since that day the school has grown dramatically as has the membership. During the lockdown period it became a lifeline to many. And now it’s an escape from the world news. But more importantly members are improving their art skills and embracing each new tutorial. These films lead to fabulous projects with members sharing their own incredible individual interpretations. Unique, stunning art work keeps appearing. Not copies of my demonstrations. Real, genuine personal art which is my goal when I teach. To bring out the best in everyone as an artist in their own right. Not as a replica of me. 

The community in the Members Forum is amazing due to the many incredible members who are all encouraging, supportive and kind. 

I know there are many exciting tutorials coming up and that the year ahead is going to be 100% inspirational.. When I first opened the school this is what I hoped for. In fact it is even more than I hoped for . 

I am grateful to a wonderful professional team who film, edit and create my tutorials. A technical team who do far more than a technical team are expected to do and the support from our whole unit of people who together ensure the school operates beautifully. But most of all I’m grateful to the many members who make our community the most unique art centre online 

Thank you and here’s to another fabulous year ahead! 

If you haven’t joined yet by the way, you are really missing out! 



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