Exciting New Techniques

I have known for a very long time that  it is impossible for me to stand still in my art. I am always looking for something new as a subject and constantly searching for new ways to approach a painting in watercolour. I am absolutely loving my online art school which truly is inspirational. Every member is so wonderful that I am determined to keep my tutorials fresh, exciting with an element of the unexpected, constantly giving surprises in what is to come. Learning how to paint has been one of the most beneficial and therapeutic decisions of my life. It has helped me in so many ways. It has been a way of making new friends when I’ve lived and moved to different countries. It has brought me solace and calm in times of trouble. And at  times it has lifted  me to heights that I wouldn’t have even thought were possible. Like how I’m feeling at the moment with this fabulous new combination of techniques that I’m using in my latest gallery work. I need to test the technique to make sure that it’s giving me guaranteed results every single time I use it before I share how I build up the colour to form the textures that you can see in this image. But I know my online art school members are going to be thrilled when I eventually release a tutorial which isn’t quite ready yet with this particular technique to share. My Venetian mask series will be available in my next gallery collection and I will be sharing details on how to purchase these fascinating pieces in a later blog post . In my image you can see close-ups of the gorgeous texture effects in this mask painting that has been created on wood panels rather than paper. I have so many exciting things to share and thank heavens I now have a place to give my techniques away to the members who have joined my online art school “Watercolour Inspiration”. I feel like saying watch this space because so much is about to happen!

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