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I’m thrilled with the success of my online art school. The excitement before the release of each new tutorial is wonderful and I find myself eager to see how each new challenge is welcomed. Over the last few months we have covered many watercolour techniques and the talent in the members forum is out of this world. There is something very magical and special about giving your knowledge and experience away so that others who love painting in watercolour can enjoy the techniques that you have used over the years. My aim always has been to share everything I know about watercolour and encourage other artists of all levels on their journey. This week the subject is healthy, positive painting and the subject which is very fitting is vegetables.
I first started painting vegetables as part of my demonstrations on my workshops in Seattle where I taught at Daniel Smith head office.  I would visit the famous Pikes Market and buy produce to take in for the artists on my courses. We had an absolute blast and the paintings that we created from these memorable sessions were phenomenal. I can’t wait to see what members come up with from this latest release. 
If you haven’t already joined you really are missing out. The loveliest compliments I have received recently that have made me smile are .... 
“Who needs Netflix when we’ve got Jean”
”It’s like Christmas Eve the night before every new tutorial release” 
And on a more serious note 
“I couldn’t have made it through the pandemic without you”
Now more than ever we need art to brighten ours and others lives.  If you are looking for a a push in your art, a new buzz in your life , new friends and a community spirit, do join today. 

You can find all the details on how to join ion my web site and at just £14.99 a month it’s an absolute bargain. 

And by the way,  the reason my blog is often so quiet?  I’m having too much fun painting in my online art school to be elsewhere. I’m inspired and energised like never before! As a watercolour addict that’s saying something. 

See you in school! 


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