Rose Challenge Winners 2020

Today the winners of the first Rose Challenge in my new online art school were announced. There was initially going to be just one winner and the prize my fabulous Jean Haines Daniel Smith Master Set. However when the challenge opened for submissions  the variety of stunning art and the beauty of  all the entries took my breath away. The joy in my teaching methods is that all members of my new online art school are encouraged to be unique. No two entries were alike and the stories behind some of the paintings were really touching. Right now we are living in lockdown and internationally the world has been both effected and united by the current crisis. In these paintings some seemed to show an outpouring of love as well as fabulous use of watercolour as a medium. I tried to choose one winner and I failed. I also failed at selecting two winners. I gave in and chose four. Prizes will be sent to each  of the selected members and I hope they enjoy using my energising sets of great colours. If you are a member please take time to look at the gorgeous rose paintings in the challenge category of the forum. Each piece is inspirational in its own right. Consider the artists journey and admire the variety of styles. Every member watched the same tutorial but the rose paintings all shine uniquely. 
I am very honoured to guide members and I’m so passionate about how warm and friendly our online art school is. Yet this is just the beginning. 
What’s next? A dog show. Yes. The next challenge will be painting different breeds of dogs. It is going to be so much fun! 
Of course full details of my online art school and how to join can be found on my web site. If you aren’t a member do consider signing up. But only if you want to be surrounded by wonderful friendly members and need a regular source of enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration!

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