Dogs in Watercolour

I’m so excited and loving painting dogs in a loose style following my latest tutorial on the subject that was released this week. In preparation for the event members of my online art school were invited to share photographs of their favourite dogs as we needed models. Little did I know that within a short space of time over 200 dog images were shared, all with permission from the owners to be painted. So we certainly are not short of inspiration! It’s fantastic to see members pet portraits in watercolour already being shared in the community forum, in an almost party atmosphere. Characters are being captured and there are constant surprises as pets come to life in the most beautiful of ways. The joy in my style of teaching is that everyone can follow the same tutorial but when they create from it their results are unique which to me is magical. We are all different and our art should portray that. I’m so amazed at the talent shining in the community forum and the most wonderful support being shown by members to members. I feel we are genuinely forming a sense of family and friendship with individual art journeys ahead for many that are going to be superb. My attached painting is of Bianca , a one eyed dog who has stolen my heart and her owner is very special too and a talented artist. Now I am going to paint and it will be another members pet! Of course I must finish Bianca too. 
Happy painting and if you haven’t joined the party yet my online art school membership details can be found on my web site! 
Do come in, the dogs won’t bite! 

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