Painting Dragonflies

I am so excited. For ages I have been asked how to paint dragonflies. Mainly because I was sharing compositions combining bubbles and these fascinating subjects a while ago. I listened to everyone’s requests and filmed a lovely tutorial showing how I paint dragonflies in watercolour. Although they are very simple to paint they only work as stunning art creations if they sit on top of colourful backgrounds. Which is why this latest film release holds so many fabulous tips from painting a creative first wash to placing a dragonfly on top of it. 
There are many art courses that teach how to copy. And copying to learn is such a wonderful way to learn. But there is a fine line between learning how to copy and learning how to create on your own. I encourage members of my art school to let their own inner artist shine and I am thrilled with the art journeys’ many members are taking in my art school. Just like dragonflies they are literally flying with their own art. Am I proud of being able to share my techniques in my online art school?  No. I’m not. I’m actually humbled to be a tiny part of helping others achieve their goals in creating. Whatever they may be. 
My latest tutorial release is going to see so much magic shared in the community forum where no one knows what will happen next because just like watercolour, the pathway forward is always happily unpredictable. It is an exciting online watercolour haven with surprises around every corner. Just as a healthy art school should be. Tempting you to pick up your brushes constantly and encouraging you to evolve with your own unique art style. 
I can’t wait to paint today. Magic awaits! 
Painting has never been more fun. Do check out my latest tutorial “Dragonflies, Bubbles and More” in my online art school! 

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