The Story Behind the Launch

It seems like only yesterday when I started my teaching career at the Dubai International Arts Centre. Little did I know at the time that my passion for creating in watercolour would lead me all over the world holding popular workshops that quickly sold out. Neither did I realise my dream of becoming an author would come true. If I’d been told then that my books would become best sellers published in Chinese, Russian, Spanish Italian, French and German I would have never believed it. I’m convinced that my career has been so successful because I genuinely love working in my favourite magical medium. And the joy I feel when painting is a way of life I eagerly encourage others to embrace either by my publications or my courses. 
I have now taught all over the world and I continue to receive many invitations from International Art Centres and Societies. Whilst I love travelling I often discover my classes are always fully booked in advance with long waiting lists in place for any cancellations. And it is impossible for me to accept or travel to every teaching location invitation. I’m also aware that there are many would be artists who don’t have the luxury of being able to travel, or attend workshops due to their busy lives, commitments and careers. I have listened to so many eager people begging me to start online tutorials. Until now I felt I couldn’t possibly add one more element to my art career but some of the many messages I have received requesting I teach online have been hard to ignore. 
So here we are. I have decided to take the leap into a new venture and if you are reading this you will know my online tutorials have already been launched. Let me gradually share the scenes behind the filming in the blog posts to follow. And the reasons certain subjects or techniques have been chosen. 

I will be  adding to my blog regularly welcoming you into my world, my way of life and I will be aiming to constantly inspire you. My mission? I want everyone to gain that indescribable feeling of  being at one when painting. 

There is so much to tell you. So much to share and now I have the perfect place to do just that. 
Welcome to the first blog post on my new web site and I hope you return to read many more! 


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