Wednesday Wash Challenge

Who knew washing could be so much fun! One of the first tutorials released in my new online art school is “Creative Washes”. Everyone who has attended my workshops will know how important these colourful wash exercises are as they help us learn so much about pigment interaction and can also act as the backgrounds for unique results in our art. As mentioned in my books and classes , I paint three washes dally. These playful washes improve our skills as artists and also encourage us to use different pigments in a way that we become more knowledgeable about their individual characteristics. Which is why for the very first challenge in the online art school forum I set a “Wednesday Wash” challenge. This is my way of seeing how members are interpreting my tutorials and it helps me learn about how they use colour. In fact the shades we use are often an extension of our personalities and mood. The colour party started today as members started sharing their washes. There really are some incredible colour combinations being used. What I love most of all is about my teaching style is that it encourages everybody to be an artist in their own right rather than just follow me. There has never been a better time to have a watercolour party than right now when we are all facing a very unique crisis in the world. So to all members, please share your washes.  I can’t wait to see what you will do with the next challenge because yes they will be more following and they will be fun. Although aimed at stretching your inner artist and bringing out the best in you. And to my followers who haven’t joined yet you are absolutely welcome please look at my website for the membership details .  I won’t stop now because having seen all the lovely colours in the online community I just can’t wait to get painting. My school is definitely getting me all fired up! 
Please stay safe and look after yourself!

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