Creative Washes

It really is incredible how my new online art school is evolving in only the two short weeks it has been open. The international membership is wonderful but what really is a delight to see is the warm friendly atmosphere in the community forum. Here members share their art work and I am in a position to give feedback and encouragement when needed. I’m also really delighted to have a place to share extra additional tips. Because there  is now a special category for members called “Jeans Inspiration” where I add further tips and yes, inspirational ideas. When filming the tutorials I include as much information as possible but just as in a workshop you don’t always see what is an obstacle to others until you witness the results from the demonstrations.
Creative Washes have always been a huge part of my watercolour technique and I am loving being asked how to use them. This week I shared the above Spring painting created from a wash deliberately painted for the subject and explained how I work. 
I am planning on sharing many more additional tips to keep everyone’s brushes moving. Members may think they have signed up for two tutorials a month but I plan on giving far more. 
If you are a member, see you in school! 
If not, please consider coming and joining the watercolour party. 
On a more serious note we are living in very unusual times. Please stay safe!

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