Cats Galore!

It really is fantastic to see so many fabulous cat paintings being shared in the community forum of my new online art school, following the release of my latest cat tutorial. I am loving the fun comments too. 
We learn so much each time we pick up our brushes. Right now learning where to place facial features without a preliminary sketch is the main goal. As each month goes by new skills will be covered in my teaching films so that creating becomes easier and more enjoyable. 

I am over the moon to see members have joined from all over the world. It is a truly international watercolour centre. 

As always when I teach I am inspired too so the cat gallery on my new web site will definitely be added to very shortly. A neighbours Siamese cat has caught my attention at the moment and I am addicted to painting it. 

 We are living in very unusual times and art can be a wonderful escape. A form of therapy. Healing and calming. 

if you need a haven and you aren’t a member yet a warm welcome awaits you . 
For full details please visit .... 


For now, please stay safe and well. 

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