Painting Animals in a Loose Style

Blog posts are like buses. You wait forever for one then two come along! I have always loved painting animals. In fact as a child I thought I would like to be a vet. That dream was quickly crushed when I saw my first injured animal so at the wise old age of five I changed my mind! 

This is a quick reminder to members of my new Online Art School ”Watercolour Inspiration” that we will be creating animals in the next tutorials. Members will need good resource photographs to work from. In the first tutorials we looked at techniques to select colour and to create washes. Now we are going to build on those first steps and grow in our learning journey. 

It is fantastic to see members not only sharing their art in the forum but also giving positive feedback to other members. I have always been convinced that kindness makes the world a far better place and you never know how much your one comment means to someone else.  So a huge thank you to founding members who are creating a strong positive atmosphere in our online art school. 

To non members, I will be sharing as usual on my blog again now. The last two weeks have been really busy as I have been watching over the new online school, welcoming everyone and making sure everything ran smoothly. 
Now I will be painting and sharing news here regularly! 
Happy painting everyone and please in this unusual time, stay safe! 

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