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I’m thrilled that my new online art school is now open and it’s fantastic to see members are already enjoying the tutorials and sharing in the community forum. Thank you to every founder member who signed up! 
I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with invitations for my workshops over the last few years. As much as I would love to attend every location that I’m invited to it is physically impossible. And the waiting list for places on my courses were growing longer consistently. By teaching online I can now reach out sharing the opportunity to watch me painting and learn my style. That’s quite an interesting comment because although I am teaching everyone how to paint in a loose style my main goal is to encourage every single member to be themselves,  an artist in their own right. I’m aware copying to learn is a great way to understand technique and to grow as an artist. But the joy in how I teach is that I inspire everyone to learn my technique and then adapt it so that it involves to gradually become their own version. We are all different and our art can be also! 
Apart from regular tutorials I am also adding tips and extra information in the community forum. In this section of my school I can troubleshoot if there are areas that I can help with on a more personal level.
It feels as though a wonderful watercolour party has just started. And I know this is only the beginning!
As I write this blog post there is only one day left to join my online art school at the special opening discount offer. This price is extremely reasonable. Imagine two tutorials every month. New inspiration. Encouragement and motivation to paint alongside a friendship circle of others on their own art journey. To me this is heaven online.
Please see the link on the homepage of my website And join “Watercolour Inspiration” to keep your brushes moving.
For now, make the most of painting seasonal flowers while you have the chance. I’ve enjoyed creating paper whites, narcissi,  trying time capture their perfume on paper! 

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