Queen Elizabeth II

Although this time was inevitable it is with deep and genuine sadness that I write my blog update to pay my respect to a remarkable woman who inspired many worldwide. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II touched hearts across the globe. And I am not ashamed to admit, that like many, I have shed tears. This is the end of an era. 

I realised how the values of my monarch effected my upbringing. Never complain. Always put others before yourself. These were lessons I learned from my Grandparents generation. Times have changed but how different the world could be if everyone adhered to these guidelines today. Be selfless. Show kindness always. Our Queen has been a gracious and highly respected icon in her lifetime. A role model in many ways. I feel privileged to have lived during her reign. 

The beautiful tributes from all corners of the world pull at heartstrings. So admired, loved and cherished. UK has lost an incredible jewel that always shone so brightly. 

To quote Paddington Bear 

“Thank you ma’am, for everything “

May you rest with angels 








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