Christmas Projects 2022

As December draws near the seasonal fun in the watercolour community of my online art school begins. This year there will be watercolour projects that range from fun to far more serious. Each stretching our watercolour skills and imaginations. 
Artists need a sense of freedom to create so that personal styles can develop and evolve over a period of time. Often the focus of painting placed on something that looks frameable can add unlimited pressure detracting from the joy that can be an incredible element of the painting process itself. 
I’ve often heard artists , of all levels, say at times “I love painting but I just don’t feel like painting”. This can happen because we may have pushed ourselves too hard to succeed. Or reach the high standard of art skill we are aiming for. 
Which is why I am starting this Christmas period with a fun gnome project leading to an International Gnome challenge which is already proving to be so much fun in the Members Forum

I have loved watching all the members gnome paintings appear and now can’t wait to join in myself. I’m inspired! And smiling! 

What better time to be a member! 

Join me in my online art school and let’s make this the best Christmas ever!



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