Welcome 2023

I’m thrilled to welcome another new year and I’m determined to make it special. I’ve started 2023 by creating watercolours in my studio of floral gifts that have been given to me. Flowers have always brought  me so much joy in my life and each time I paint them I feel relaxed and at peace which is the perfect way to start a new period in life. 

I am making personal goal decisions that I wish to achieve. To do so I’ve looked back and thought about how I can improve my life, physically artistically and mentally. I do this every year and always find something that I can improve somehow. I think many if us start a new year with hopes and dreams for the future. Some of us make New Year’s resolutions which can often be difficult to keep as each new month passes. Over time however it’s often so easy to revert to comfortable and familiar bad habits. 

What are my 2023 goals? 

1) As always, only allow myself to be surrounded by and immersed in positivity. 

2) Paint daily! But aim to create something completely new to me each month. If I return to well loved subjects I must find either new colour combinations or new ways to paint them. And if I really adore a subject I will try to bring it to life in a way that suits it perfectly. 

3) Exercise my brain and my body. I know full well that you can’t fully embrace or enjoy life without treating your own body well. This year I’ll be definitely upping my game in this area with of course, daily dog walks in the rural area where I live. 

There are so many little things we can do to improve our well being. including just taking time to breathe, think and relax. 

Whatever your goals for 2923 I hope all your dreams come true and that you have your best year yet


Happy 2023! 


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